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21 July, 2007

What's on your mind?

Family feuds
And meetings
Raising a child
And breathing
In cigarette smoke
Less eating
I'm learning to cope
With grieving
Get on the treadmill
This evening
Moving house
And leaving
The family nest
That's keeping me
A float and bleeding
Me dry of hope
Of leading a normal life
With meaning
Breath D!
I'm breathing

No Job satisfaction
But no ceiling
On my imagination
For dreaming
Up a new career
With more meaning
Meanwhile my
Self esteem
Is bleeding
Through my heart n soul
And stealing
From me my
My hopes and dreams
Of leading a better life
But I keep dreaming
I'm sure that one day
I'll end up breathing
In new air, new feelings
Till then I'll keep breathing
D? You there?
Yep! I'm still breathing.

Deborah 6/10/05

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