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21 July, 2007

(she Said, he Said)

(She said)

Hey L8,
Can you please me?
Can those eyes pene' mine?
Can our paths entwine?
Then two chocolate lips.
Two educated minds.
Can those hands caress
A woman with mild distress,
Who needs a gentle "Yes
"Honey, everything will "Be just fine"
Can I be your soundboard?
Can I put my soul on yours?
Can I touch you here
And here
And there
And kiss you from chest to jaw
And back to here

Hey L8
Can we?
Can you?
Can I?

(L8 said: )
most can..and i can,
its just that ur dealing with an impatient man,
iv got a good heart,
with more kisses than sand...
on the beach...
stretch out your hand...
and likewise ill reach...out...
you re chocolate bliss..
i dont doubt...
when i close my eyes...
my lips can feel your mouth..
your gorgeous...
im talking north to south...
trust i can please u,
as long as u dont doubt

(She said)
impatience is my specialty
you are my curiosity
and email joins us virtually
i need a reality
check that
i need you in reality
to smell you
brush you gentlywith lips,
with heart
with wild sensuality
when did you say that would be?

UrbanPoet and Chocl8boy

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