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19 July, 2007


My love for you will be
As unassuming as a solstice breeze
Pure, warm and beautifully charming

My devotion to us will be
As sure as stars that orbit in Heaven
Admired from afar, formed in Seven

My understanding of love has been
Matured by an epiphany inspired emotion

My temper has now evolved
To exclude anger and embrace passion

The love I now endure
Is based on commitment, not token
Gestures of things unsecured
To a feeling of unreal affection.

My expectations of you will be
As clear as a healing crystal
No more will I demand too much
Or yet expect too little.

For my next act I will be
Carefully selecting my mood rock
And we will share and protect together
As our past loves evolve our Equinox

Deborah © 21/09/04

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