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21 July, 2007

Is it Because…

Is it because my hair is too long
Or not long enough
Is it because you prefer high notes
And I, soft bluffs
Is it because my eyes are brown
My butt is round
I’m Black and I’m proud
Is it because of the skin I’m in
Or the joy I can bring
Is it because my personality shines,
I speak my mind
Am way too kind
Am a unique find
Could you tell me if it is
Because of my kid
Or the truth I did
Is it because I bought you
The Gladys Knight melody
“You’re the best thing
To ever happen to me”
Did I come across too heavy?
Is it because I won’t let you explore
Until I’m sure
Or because I run and hide
Before our spirits collide.
Is it because I’m so in love
With the thought of love
And the stars above
It is because
I’m too short
Too light
Too dark
Too right Too smart
Is it because you’re frightened
Or because of the timing
It is because of another
Or your baby son’s mother?
If you could let me know
What it is,
I could change these things
Do you know what he said
When I asked, what it is
He said
“It just is”

‘Is it Because…’© By Urban Poet

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