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20 July, 2007


The influences
That touch my
Come from the
“Oh shit, do I have to”
and the
“Dear God, why me?”
They spring from the
“Oh Thanks, that was lovely”
and the
“Ummmummm, did she?”
They are the
Woven tapestry
Of the tings
That effect me
And the people
Who invite me
To co-exist in
Their tapestry
The influences are from the
“I know you’re right mum”
to the
“Damn he ain’t the one!”
and the
“Girls, lets have fun”
From the
“This is my father,
my brother,
my son”
And all the things
In between and around
Near, far
By sea, by plane, or car
The influences
Inspire me and guide me
To believe
“Yeah, I’m lucky”
“That shit ain’t funny”
to the
“Today I’m blue”
“Let’s try something new”
based on
“I need to make a point
about that too”
You’re part of my
Influences, so
A Big Thank You to You!


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