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21 July, 2007

Miss Inde’ Kills Mr. Chivalry

I’m all that
An’ a bag of perzat
Don’t need no man to do for me
What I already do for me.
I’m Miss Inde’.
Got my degree, an Msc., a PHD
A house, a car
And plenty of money.
Step back!!
Wid your dry chat
I checked the oil level already
I fixed the blocked drain
Hung the picture frame
Don’t need you taking care of me.
I’m Miss Inde’.

“Let me get the door”
What for?
Got two hands and a brain
I can do it myself
Thanks all the same.

“Let me pay”
No that’s OK!
Never let it be said
You paid to get to my bed
I can pay my own way.

“It’s cold. Here’s my coat”
Is that a joke?
Think I can’t handle a little rain
Brother you’re insane
Coming with you 1960’s tired game.

One! Two! Three”
Stabs to the heart
Miss Inde’ departs
Killing Mr Chivalry
Dead in his path.

But soon she’ll complain:
“He never does anything for me
No Flowers
No romance
No intimacy
Huh! Brothers!
They’re all the same
Can’t take Miss Inde’
Black Sista Queen
I’m too strong for him to tame.
Says I intimidate
Says I infuriate
Says I emasculate
Miss Inde’ always gets the blame.”

Deborah L. Harper © 02/08/04

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