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21 July, 2007

SUBJECT: Your stupidity

You move me
To write poetry
SUBJECT: Your Stupidity
Or is it naiveté?
I like you
Is it mutual?
I thought it might be
We planned a big night out
Where we would party
Converse a bit
Then flirt heavily.
I bought a new dress
Something sexy
Not too revealing
But just enough to be
I sent you emails
We talked daily
I was so geared up
On possibilities
And out of no where
You change the receipe
Now there’s three of us
You, me and she.
What’s the deal bro?
Is this a hint to me?
Or you just being blind?
And acting stupidly!
Well, I’ll still go
But I’m behavin’ differently
Cos if a new bro’
Should try and step to me
I’m taking numbers yo!
And moving steadily
To a new direction
Away from your stupidity


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