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14 April, 2006


For anyone who has ever experienced a Blue Monday... hold on to this: -

My hair is still bobbing and without weaving
My butt is still bouncing and behaving
And with the help of Wonder
My breast still got some game in
I'm still living and breathing
Still singing
Still smiling
Still Bitchin
Still whining

I'm still living in hope and scheming
Still paying bills and dreaming
Although I'm still smoking and choking
I'm still planning to pack it in
In the meantime, I'll still pack 'em in
I'm still wondering where my career is going
Still guessing when I should be knowing
Works still giving me a f*cking kicking
Still, I'll stick it out instead of jacking it in

I'm still gazing at the constellations
Still show my Creator due appreciation
Still laughing
still crying
Still giving
Still trying
Still stopping dem people from breaking my will
Still trying sometimes to just be still
Still trying not to judge
Still trying not to hold a grudge
Still letting people piss me off
But when it's over, still wish them luck
Still happy
Still scared
Still free,
Still Black
Still Woman
Still Me.

'Still' © by Deborah Harper, aka: UrbanPoet.

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