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14 April, 2006

Black Money Black Market

Right... got to get a bit political here. Now I work in advertising and I have to say the Ethnic representation both within the industry and towards us is shabby. So I'm not holding a damn thing back...

Black Money, Black Market
It really is no wonder to me
That after 400 years of slavery
Degradation, poverty
That there's so much strength in
Black Money

We've had to work harder than
The Chinnie, White or Indian
To regain our rightful position
That it's no wonder we're worth 32 BILLION*
Pounds to the consumer market

We're a booming industry
An emerging middle-class community
Driving Z3's and Lexus jeeps
Investing heavily
In the latest technology
Wearing diamonds and gold
Dressing in Versace.
If money were water
We'd own an estuary.

Yet we get no recognition
For our loyalty and ambition
Of pumping money into Britain.
No one advertises to me
To sell me shampoos or plasma TV's
No images of me drinking Kenko coffee
Or investing wisely in an insurance policy

Why? Do I offend thee?

"Yes! Because we've had time to evaluate
And We believe you'll alienate
The White majority who populate
Rule Brutannias welfare state
So whether we include you or eliminate
You'll still spend without debate
So cheers for your Black Money mate".

Emancipated, liberated, educated
Hustler, t'ief or job related
Buy it, rent it or hire purchase
Black Money is strong on a growing
Black Market

*Source: IPA - Sept 2004

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Anonymous said...

Hello Deb!

Just bookmarked your site for future reading, keep it up :-) Hope you and your big boy C are doing well. I'm awrite, workin' hard in good ol' JA.

Big Hug.

Karen W