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29 April, 2006

Debt Candidate

A fool once said to me
“Embrace debt, get out of poverty!
Don’t waste time saving money
It’s just not possible, you’ll be constantly hungry”

So I told my inner voice “be still”
And took a load to clear a bill
And cos it was so easily done
I went and took another one

And when times were gettin’ kinda hard
I went and got a credit card
Low APR or interest free
Where all accessible to me
“When your balances is five grand
You get 50p back, cash in hand”
Now there’s an offer I just can’t refuse
I’ll get three cards, you just can’t lose.

Now with five debts to service
I was torn in half
Pay my personal loans
Or my credit cards
I thought, I know I’ll get
An overdraft

I asked my sister
And she asked me
“You sure you want to O.D?
Look take my advice
And let it be
It may stretch you once
But you'll be
Catching up till your ninety-three"

So I got one.
You know the drill
Hell, I had to pay my
Credit card bill
But when I applied
They had to evaluate
If I was a good
Debt Candidate

So they asked me questions
On what the OD would do
Was it for a well earned cruise?
The latest suped up PS 2?
Was it to improve my accommodation?
Or for debt

And after she took
My history
And knew all there was
To know about me
She said “Well Miss Harper
It’s all good news
You’re overdraft increase
Has been approved
It’s now gone up
By two and half thou’
Which is available
To you now.
At the touch of a button
Instant debt.
Ooohhh, I think there’s a sale on
At Nine West.

‘Debt Candidate’ © Deborah Harper 15/10/04
aka: UrbanPoet

1 comment:

J.O.S.E said...

Ms Harper, Boy can I relate to this poem, I like your work though, so this is what you got up to in your spare time at college and uni