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14 April, 2006


Intro: I was having a retail therapy moment yesterday, beating up the debit card at all my old favourite name-brand shops. Well it's what a girl does best. But then I remembered this poem I wrote a while back and a touch of buyers- remorse kicked in. I'm not taking anything back (hell no!), but this is my reality check. P.S. It's a spoken word poem, so go with the flow.

I used to dress
As if my finanical interests
In Ralph Lauren, Gucci or
Wouldn't be caught unawareness
Without a name in even my vest
So Yes
I was paying dear to appear
As if with money I was blessed
Meanwhile my bank pile
Was bowing under duress
And every month the bills
would give me sleepless nights
And pure stress!

But to have a compliment
About my latest
Would fill my foolish pride
With joy and self importantness
Cheap I was not
But soon that had to stop
Or else I would be sleeping
In the doorway of a shop
And it probably
Would not be
Prada or Versace

So I acknolwledged that my
Shopoholic ways may never cease
But the rate at which
I spend my Queens
Would have to be decreased
And Hell, who would know
That I traded in my 'G's
From Calvin Klein, DNKY
To generics from Benny Dees!!

And now I still get compliments
On my clothes and jewellery
But the most I spend is £2.99
Or three for £5.50.
So I let my foolish pride be still
For I know it feels no pain.
Cheap clothes on back
And savings stashed
There's no shame in my game.

'Cheap' © By Deborah, aka: UrbanPoet

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Miz B said...

Deborah, u doin good girl!!! Such talent. I would love to hear you deliver these live with some oral, living pizazz. Keep it up. I enjoyed them.