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13 April, 2006

'Ation' Nation

I've been checking the situation
And I've come to the conclusion
That we're living on spoon-feed information
And given just enough to avoid starvation
By our very own parlimentation
Who are ruling by pure hypocriation
While they go off and fight various other nations
Creating a state of utter confusion
'Bout dem looking for weapon of mass destruction
Meanwhile creating more taxation,
False inflation,
World Police and Globlisation
What a hell of a occupation!

And what about the dumbing down of the nation
Is this another tactic of the Blair Witch projection?
Reality TV on every freakin' station
Can't get away from the Goodies and the Hiltons
The Geeks and the Islands
The mind-numbing celeb-rification
Of has-beens reinventation
Singing and snogging to regain their position
Meanwhile my braincells are in sterilsation
Sponsored by Big Brother Cryonic Suspension
To make covert operations
A part of my normal everyday situation

Sneaking 3GSM 'always on' connections
In to my home, my car and my every transaction
How u think they know your identification
When dont pay the charge for traffic congestion?
And can track down criminals by their mobile's location.
Oyster cards are to avoid fare evasion?
Or is tap in, tap out Red Ken's companion?

Like HD TV, watching it, watching me

Well I could go on with all these comparisions
But you get the picture of my pointification
Indeed, pure frustration
Nanny state or nay, God Save the 'Ation'.

'Ation Nation' © By Deborah: aka Urbanpoet

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