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08 April, 2006

Hospital Corners

Wednesday, feeling Ok today
Just another ordinary day
Washing up to do,
Bills to pay
Jump in the Honda
It starts Ok
Drive to get to B from A
Later I'll throw the rubbish away
Oh and send a hello text to Tae
Nothing special ever happens anyway.

I'm bleeding, I'm bleeding
I don't feel steady
Quick, get me to A & E
There's bloods and lots
And it's coming from me
Help! A doctor, a nurse

Stay over night at the hospital?
Just for observation
Nil by mouth?
But that means an operation.
Saline drips and my consent
By contractural obligation

Heat in my heart
Heavy from past tragedy
This place holds dark memories
How did this happen to me?
Hospital corners sulkily
Lure me into their false security

One general anastetic later
Two pints of blood and
No packets of crisps allowed in theatre
I retire to my sistas sofa
Just till I recover.
On Saturday I stumble over
To my house
Wednesday clothes in my
Asda bags, all hanging out.

My bed is warmer
Without hospital corners.

'Hospital Corners' © by Deborah aka: UrbanPoet

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