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11 September, 2009

Half has never been told

Luna light was shining at crescent mask
Hiding half the truth of nights intent
Stars feed the sky with ferocious force
As did his thrusts into her womb embed

She complied to his pleasure bent
With legs astride and soul in shards
And as Luna gave way to Ray to lend
Him sky, he too shone with strength at half

Instead precipitous clouds brought forth
The means to fertilise the seed now sown
Although her heart was closed while he forked
Her soil (and soiled her thoughts with his own)
She was open now to bear the fruit when grown

And as the day evolved and rain and tears 
Stopped their flow, then rude awakenings
Forced flower buds to shoot and appear,
The blossom scent was missing, taken
By the many curses whispered into heaven’s ear

When day and night eclipsed and brought another him back
To her with the same half truth of wholesome love
She knew her fate was sealed and steeled her lack
Of trust for him’s against her magnitude of sheer bad luck

Again the nightly whispers of one sided lust
Filled half the air, whilst the remaining half was divided
Into stifled tears and silent prayers of “God please stop
This nightly torture, stop breath, stop spirits colliding
Bring this writhing of unholy union to an end. God please stop –“

And on and on went prayer, silence, moaning, whispers
Until eventually the sky was immersed in stars
And fruit of the womb too bruised to cope these half pleasures
Was returned to earth to earth, ashes to ashes, dust to dust

Half her life was over, or so it seemed.  Not from a want of
Half measures and nightly pleasures to him, half moons
And precipitous skies.  No child will bless the caverns
Of a barren woman who sold her soul to pay for a room
A bed and rocks to fill her head and veins with a star filled night of lies.


Rene/ Not The Rockefellers said...

This half is not to be believed...
Powerful , intense and the very definition of a toxic relationship

Brian Miller said...

dang. tight close...this reads like mythology at points...bending to ray giving sky...very nice...great feel and you tell the tale well. nice one shot!

UrbanPoet said...

Thanks for your comments. Really appreciate the feedback.

dustus said...

Was thinking it reads like really good mythology, with many subtleties between the lines. One helluva relationship you describe. Thanks for your great One Shot!

Eric Alder said...

I've partied with Luna and Ray - they're quite a pair, often together yet always apart.

Nice One Shot!

Claudia said...

OMG - this hurts alone from reading...but you tell the story well and use the most spot on metaphors and words..well done

moondustwriter said...

Being a luna I feel the intensity, the pain even the whys and why nots

what a powerful statement you make with this piece

so glad you shared with One shot

We have a competition which ends oct 22 - would love for you to submit a poem. Ck out info on the site - in the margin

A smile from la Luna

UrbanPoet said...

moondustwriter: thanks for your comments...high praise indeed.

Will defo check out the competition and submit something.

Thanks again