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11 September, 2009

Sniper Pen

I’ve been in dormant await
My pen posed in a permanent state
Of readiness
Like the finesse of a sniper
Under heavy overgrowth
Of words.  The longest
Silent sentence I ever wrote. You never heard
Me watching you.  Reading you.
Listening to
Your moody blues
Reinterpreting your moves.

Got you in the crosshair
Of my viewfinder
Target on lock
Single blue dot
On the chest of your page
Waiting to engage in
Literary battle.
Hear your pen rattle
Out scant thoughts
Sssshhhhhh.  I don’t want to 
Compromise my hiding position
Be on alert.  Listen.
Heard you whispering my name
Thought I’d lost my game
Laughing at me from the shadows
Hoping I wouldn’t step back into the jungle.
Well the jokes on you Jack!
Cos I’m BACK! You ain’t seen nothing yet
Better protect your similies
And metaphors
Before my scatter gun approach
Leaves you breathless. Choked.
Flaying arms like a semaphore 
Flag. Count to 10 while you grab
Your wordproof coat and your inferred pen.

Got a perfect aim
So run now.  Don’t make me maim
Or kill you
Want to just stun
With my wordplay gun
Set you pelting through
The poetry jungle
Panting.  Blinded. Humbled.
Constantly looking over shoulders
See if I’m catching up some how
You’re numb now.
Make you question your identity
Wondering who sent me
Wasn’t a Prime Ministers call
To this word-army
I came of my volition 
Following my own mission
Bringing a coupe
Knock you down in one fell swoop -
Camouflaged behind trees.
I breath.
Sniper pen on grid lock
Ink trigger on cock.
New vocabulary loaded to inspire.
Ready. Aim. More FYRE!

1 comment:

Jingle said...

brilliant poem...
keep it up.