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25 July, 2007


I've been in love with you
The thought of you
The smile of you
The sight of you
The moment you
Came into view
I've wanted to
Be with you
Be loved by you
Touched by you
The hand of you
The man of you
The soul of you
The whole of you
Instead what's true
I get grains of you
The scraps you threw
I devour those too
In the hope that you
Would follow thru
With more of you
I adore you
Even thou you
Say you don't want me too
You only want to
Keep me in view
Just close enough
To touch me too
But not enough
For me and you
To be anything true
So my soft spot for you
Gets deeper to
The point that I
Am a fool for you
I can see it too
But what's a girl to do
When she's been in love with you
Since the moment you
Came into view
Have written prose for you
To exorcise my mood
Have so many it's true
Could make a book on you
And still you choose
To only pursue
Me as a casual scr-
And I let you
In the hope that you
Will fall in love with me too
But you never do
I wonder if
The reality of you
Would taste as sweet
As the fantasy of you
So my last line to you
Should read "I'm thru"...

But that's not true
And I won't lie to you
Or hide from you
Cos I fucking love you.


Deborah Harper © 25/07/07

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