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22 July, 2007

Her picture speaks to me

(This was a gift to me from a friend... enjoy)

just a look got me wondering how would it be if it was for me.
her smile , big grin makes me warm inside
is it because she is happy to see me ?
her lips so full and shiny are they wanting to kiss me ?
her eyes so gorgeous are they longing to view me ?
her cheeks so full of joy,
are they longing to rest on my chest ?
her hair and head
are they longing for me to caress them ?
her nose so perfect a compliment to her face,
does it want to smell me? her ears so cute,
is it waiting for me to nibble them ?
her neck has goosebumps,
is it anxious for me to lick it ?
thats what i see when i look at her picture
and it speaks to me .

By Danger Man
For li'l old me (thanks Danger!)

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