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30 April, 2006

Tomorrow: a nightly affirmation

I’m in a lilac crystal mood
On the brink of tomorrow
Sensing its greatness
Its wait is weightless
I can feel the fall and rise
Of the sunrise
Where my future lies
Where love and happiness
Tomorrow I will:
Eat well
Love well
Work well

Tomorrow I can already
Feel the swell
Of my cup as it runs over
With anticipation
Jubilent expectations
Of my own inspirations
To do better
Be better
Live better
Not bitter
Or through anothers limitations
Of me
Or my capabilities

Tomorrow: I rise
And rise
And rise
And smile
And shine
And rise
And only glance back
To keep a track
Of my direction
Not to regret any of my
Or any other such negations.

I smell Tomorrow
Like the sweet heavy scent
Of dewing rain
Yet my skies are clear
My future near
My spirit prepared
I’m ready for tomorrow.

‘Tomorrow: a nightly affirmation’,© by Deborah Harper, aka: UrbanPoet 23/01/05

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