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30 April, 2006

Roots Girl

Alright, this goes out to all the positive women that have crossed my path, touched my life, or stayed for continous guidence. Starting with my one and only mum ... through to all of you...

Hear me, like I'm wrting acknowledgements on my CD cover or summen... let me get on with it before you switch off...

(Check out the artist of this picture: he's got mad skills)

Roots Girl

Roots Girl!
You know the type
Afro tight
Skin clean
Nubian Queen

Roots Girl!
A conscious daughter
Knows about the Diaspora

Roots Girl!
Has determination
A first class further education
Street wise
Community ties

Roots Girl has spiritual motivation
Solar, lunar, constellation
Respects her elders, mother, father
Her sista’s brotha’s
And her creator

Roots girl’s not into follow fashion
Roots Girl is ital, talawa
An eloquent orator

Roots Girl can hold a
With butcher, baker
Lawyer, doctor
Caucasian, Nubian,
Asian, ‘Other’

Roots Girl!
Represents deities
Mythical Queens
Oshun, Yemaya
Isis, Athena

Roots Girl!
Could easily be
You or me
Grandma, mother
Neighbour, teacher

Roots Girl!
Is in every scene
She’s where you’ve been
She’s where you’re going
She’s in your knowing

Roots Girl!
You know the type
Dashiki white
Red, Gold and Green
Nubian Queen.

‘Roots Girl’ © by Deborah, aka: UrbanPoet

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