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04 April, 2006

Extra Strong Sainsbury's Carrier Bag

Hey I was just wondering....

What type of person actually
Buys extra strong carrier-bags from Sainsbury's
Those bads are heavy and when they rustle
They have bass as well as treble.

To me the extra strong bag represents
An important investment
Twenty pence well spent
But when I'm at the check out packing groceries,
I'm never tempted to buy one
I just double the flimsies

Cos at that point twenty pence
Just represents
Another expense
And lack of commitment
To this shopping extravegance
That I know I can't finance.
Especially when I'm praying to the
Debit Card God
To authorise this sale and get me a better
Paying job

So although I know I would like to own and refill
An all singing, all dancing, bass and treble thumping to kill,
Heavy, remixed, extra strong carrier
From the Sainsbury's till
Although I'd like to own one...
I know I never will.

Deborah, aka:UrbanPoet

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