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25 November, 2010

Status Junkie

Getting high on approval
Get your knees dirty for a
Better job title
Got a key of validation
Light the pipe of 
Where are you heading to'?
Grand Delusion Station?
Won't feel good unless
Somebody's blowing blue smoke
Into your Grand Anal.
Just one more hit please...
Give me a Pay-rise 
In exchange for family ties
A big toe on the next rung
In exchange for a young one
What!  My own office,
Six hundred and sixty six above street level?
Damn! I'll gift wrap my soul
And present it myself to the board of De'Vils
Status Junkie
Upgrade me to celebrity
Up-weight the arsenal
To obscure reality
While I  snort Fabulosity
And  shoot-up on  'licious 

1 comment: said...

Absolutely love your flow. The rhyme is off-the-chain. You continue to speak to me and I want you to know poet, "I'm listening."