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25 November, 2010

Filthy Cash Money

Filthy cash money
Stains hands bloodied
From the menage game:
Gain. Stack. Churn.
Watch as morals burn
Holes in veins
Then stash cash in falsely named
Offshore estates.

The flies buzz round
As the stench rises
Causing a crisis
While naive money lovers
Hunger for inflated interest 
Free loans
Secured on homes
Where fiecies dipped papers
Can camouflage in designer pieces.
Children starve.
While nuclear arms
Bomb their houses.

A trillion dead Queens
And Presidents
Exchange hands
For a mother's sons life
On the oil-mine
Fighting on the front line
To secure more filthy
Cash, money

Why suffer when the 
Is in conflict diamonds
To drip off necks
And fingers
Not just of rap singers
But Hilton's daughters
In Senators quarters
Innocent women slaughtered
When caught with a diamond
In their love storage
Cavity search gets it back
Into the wrong hands
And forced entry to
Their vaginal tract.
That'll earn 'em!
But husbands will spurn them
Sell mothers and daughters 
Into Whiteman slavery
Won't put much food with his gravy.
The pimp will eat high off the hog
As he forces women to
Shake their ass to
Save his soul

Dirty.  Sexy.  Gold.
Gets sold, brought with filthy cash
Crisp, clean notes
In Gucci totes
To fund the airline industry.
Fly a mual in
Wait, while he passes out
The sin within
A latex skin
Get two kilos in
Street value
Two million  
Plus, a private jet
Better yet
A condo in Barbados
And a private education
At Eton
Or Harvard.
Old money escapes prisons
As a thirty storey glass building
Home to the hedge fund division,
Washing and rinsing
Filthy. Cash. Money. 

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